Ever changing, mouth-watering ice-cream!

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Vale Park Cafe is famous for its ice-creams, because you won't find our extraordinary flavours anywhere else!

Every day, we have new flavours of ice-cream available. What our customers love is that the ice cream is affordable AND delicious! Our flavours vary from the traditional Vanilla and creamy Caramel, to 'Millions' sweet flavour and Cookies 'n' Cream! Or, if you're a lover of sweet things, try our Black Cherry ice-cream, a soft vanilla laced with a fantastic cherry taste!

Here at Vale House Cafe, we understand that keeping the kids entertained for a low price can often be a challenge! Our simple solution is this - £1.00 for one scoop of ice-cream, and £2.00 for a double! Our crazy variety of flavours will keep the kids entertained just by choosing what they want! Also, our handy location means that you can enjoy the weekend bands whilst spending quality time with the family

Our taste feast comes in delicious wafer cones- which children love- and our tasty extras top off a great day out!.

Don't forget to try our sensational ice-creams when YOU visit Vale Park!